Hello, I'm Hedgie.

  • You don't need to own cryptocurrency in order to enter
  • Just pay $10 for a Hedgie with your credit card, and you're in!
  • FREE gameplay (no gas fees!)
  • Make crypto coin by playing the game
  • Spend it at local businesses or sell on crypto exchanges

I’m a limited edition cryptocollectible that makes crypto coin in a blockchain game!

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Pre-sale goes live. Choose and secure your Hedgie!

Alpha game launch. Start playing in private alpha.

Beta game launch. Play in public beta and make coin.

Introduce business partnerships. Spend your coin at local businesses.

Launch platform API. Coin listed on crypto exchanges. Hodl or sell your coin. 

April 2018

June 2018

July 2018

Nov 2018

Spring 2019

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While there is no guarantee that Hedgie will grow in price beyond the live game pricing of $20 USD, the fact that it is limited makes it more desirable and valuable to future newcomers into the game. Even if the official price doesn’t go up, you can grow the powers of your Hedgie, and sell it at a higher price to a newcomer wanting to speed up their progress in the game.

You don't need to own any cryptocurrency. You can purchase your Hedgie with a credit card. When you purchase a Hedgie with a Credit Card, we pay blockchain transaction fees and transfer the Hedgie ownership to you automatically. 

Who/what exactly is Hedgie?

You can grow the powers of your Hedgie and sell it for a profit. While doing that you will make crypto coin in the game, which you can spend at local businesses or sell at crypto exchanges. This is a nice way to diversify your financial strategy with no risk.

Hedgie is a limited edition cryptocollectible that can be owned, and used inside the game to make crypto coin. It is an ERC-721, non-fungible token on Ethereum blockchain.

We have a discounted pricing model where the earlier you purchase your Hedgie the less you have to pay. Currently Hedgie sells for $4.99 USD, at Presale (expected April 30th, 2018) the price will be $10 USD, and at Beta game launch (in July 2018) it will increase to $20 USD for an entry-level Hedgie. 

How unique is each Hedgie?


Each Hedgie is unique in two ways. The first is colour: each individual Hedgie is tied to one of the 16,777,216 hex colours, limiting the total number of Hedgies available. Secondly, each Hedgie has its own unique powers. There are 4 elemental powers and 4 traits determined by the proximity of each Hedgie to 8 power centres (primary colours corresponding to elements and traits).

Do I need to own cryptocurrency in order to buy a Hedgie and start playing?

What are the benefits of the powers?

How much does Hedgie cost?

The powers affect Hedgie’s performance in each of the four worlds available in initial release of the game. Some Hedgies are extremely powerful in one game world but weak in others, while other Hedgies are more balanced.

How can I be sure that Hedgie will be more valuable in the future?

Why should I buy or earn a Hedgie?

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