Hello, I'm Hedgie.

And in case you didn’t notice, I’m freakin’ adorable. Hedgie is the perfect way to get into cryptocurrency. It’s a fun, risk-free game format where you can make some coin. The earlier you get in, the better the deal on your Hedgie, and the sooner you can start earning!

I’m a rare digital collectible that makes crypto coin!



With a credit card or crypto coin, you can buy Hedgie now for only 4.99!

Psstt… this is the lowest price Hedgie will ever be! Starting in April, Hedgie will go for $10 USD during pre-sale, then $20 USD in June, when we launch the game. 

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Pre-sale goes live. Choose and secure your Hedgie!

Alpha game launch. Start playing in private alpha.

Beta game launch. Play in public beta and make coin.

Introduce real-world partnerships to drive up the value of coin.

Launch platform API. Coin listed on crypto exchanges. Hodl or sell your coin. 

April 2018

June 2018

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While there is no guarantee that Hedgie will grow in price beyond the live game pricing of $20 USD, the fact that it is limited makes it more desirable and valuable to future newcomers into the game. Even if the official price doesn’t go up, you can grow the powers of your Hedgie, and sell it at a higher price to a newcomer wanting to speed up their progress in the game.

Yes, you can purchase your Hedgie with a credit card. Actually, currently this is the only option available. Once Presale goes live in April, we will add cryptocurrency payment options, while keeping the Credit Card option intact. When you purchase with a Credit Card, we pay blockchain transaction fees and transfer the Hedgie ownership to you automatically. 

Who/what exactly is Hedgie?

You may want to purchase Hedgie as a collectible virtual character, a keepsake for yourself or as a cute gift for a friend. Unlike CryptoKitties the amount of Hedgies is strictly limited, therefore it’s very likely to grow in value over time. Hedgie is not just a cute face, but also a crypto coin-making machine, it will earn you coin in the game.

Hedgie is a virtual character in a blockchain game, a cryptocollectible that can be owned, sold, gifted and used inside the game to make coin. Technically speaking Hedgie is an ERC-721 non-fungible token on Ethereum blockchain. 

Yes. We have a discounted pricing model where the earlier you purchase your Hedgie the less you have to pay. Currently Hedgie sells for $5 USD, at Presale (expected mid-April 2018) the price will be $10 USD, and at Beta game launch (in July 2018) it will increase to $20 USD for an entry-level Hedgie. 

How unique is each Hedgie?


Each Hedgie is one single Hex colour of the 16,777,216 hex colours in existence. This sets the limit on the total number of Hedgies. In addition to being a single unique hex colour each Hedgie also has unique powers. There are 4 elemental powers determined by proximity of Hedgie’s colour to 4 power centres (primary colours corresponding to elements: Green = Earth, Blue = Water, Red = Fire and White = Air).

I don’t own any crypto, can I buy Hedgie for regular money?

What are the benefits of the powers?

Will the price of Hedgie go up?

The powers affect Hedgie’s performance in each of the four worlds available in initial release of the game. These worlds are Forest (corresponding to Earth element), Wetlands (corresponding to water), Mountaintops (air) and Desert (fire).

How can I be sure that Hedgie will be more valuable in the future?

Why should I buy or earn a Hedgie?

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